Generate leads
with effective concepts

Inspire tomorrow’s customers today. Generate viable leads to assemble the perfect target group for your smart marketing. The construction manual? We’ll be happy to divulge it for you. 

Construct a solid lead generation plan with us.

Getting to know the potential tenants, sometimes even before the house has been completed: That’s what lead generation is all about, because you may be facing very similar construction sites, even if your business is entirely different. Do you want to convince people of your product or service?

Lead generation with the existing website: makes sense for everyone

You are an expert in your business. That means you can pass on a lot of that knowledge, and that’s what you should do. However, as the saying goes, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch!” Use your website to create lead magnets from target-group-oriented information and free content. This is how you can turn every download into a qualified contact.

Lead marketing: creating awareness for added value

Well-made lead magnets are crucial, but they’re of little use if no traffic is being attracted to the website. We plan and implement online marketing measures for you, with which relevant target groups are presented with your content on a silver platter. This way, your lead marketing will be a complete success.

Account-based marketing: focus on business customers

Are you offering a highly specialized product or a unique service that’s perfectly suited for certain companies? Then they should find out about it as quickly as possible. With account-based marketing, you will address B2B customers specifically and actively with tailor-made content and genuine added value. This is how win-win situations arise.

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Lead generation for B2B and B2C.

As an online marketing agency with years of experience, advalyze has implemented lead marketing campaigns for numerous customers and industries. We’ll also find the best solution for your company.

Your blueprint for qualified leads.

At advalyze, we rely on a tried and tested process to set up your lead generation campaign. And we know that no business is just like yours. That’s why you won’t be given an orthodox solution, but rather a systematic and individual one.

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We will carry out a thorough audit

First, during a content audit, we’ll analyze your company, target groups and plans. The subsequent technical audit will show what is needed for a lead generation process that is optimized in terms of costs, benefits and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is where we discover how your content can become a lead magnet – from call-back services to checklists, white papers and PDF downloads, as well as to chatbots and click funnels.

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We will develop and test your lead generation strategy

Based on the findings from the audit, an individual lead generation strategy will be created that fits your business and target groups. We will perform a claim test for the value propositions and check the success rate of your lead magnets – without already having implemented them. This way, we can find the ideal strategic direction very efficiently and iteratively.

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We will implement targeted lead measures

Following successful testing, the next step is implementation. We will design your lead magnets, taking into account all the findings from the audit and from testing. Next, we’ll find the correct delivery form for the lead hooks, adapt the measures to the position in your funnel and start setting up your lead marketing measures.

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We will generate promising leads for you

Now your lead generation can begin. We will post the carefully tested content online and then start the online marketing campaign to generate leads from Day One. First, of course, we will check the quality of the contacts. Then, through data-driven optimizations and A/B tests, we can constantly improve performance and provide you with up-to-date reports with clear dashboards.

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We will connect marketing and sales

The evolution of lead marketing: Target groups become interested parties, qualified leads, and sales-ready leads. We’ll help you in handing over the right leads to your sales team at the right time or in the continued use of smart marketing automation.

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Is advalyze the right agency for
lead generation?

We are the architects of complex lead marketing systems; we design customized campaigns and are happy to run through them again later. That’s why lead marketing with advalyze pays off:

An unusual trade?
Yes, please!

We don’t specialize in specific industries, business models, or markets. We’ll take on your challenges without prejudice and with curiosity and the experience that has arisen from a variety of constellations.

Measures that work?
Of course!

At some point, we just stopped counting how many lead magnets we had already planned, tested, and built. What matters even more is that our many years of experience are used to implement measures that really work for you.

Selling bullshit?
No thanks!

We don’t hide behind any secret formulas or ominous systems. Our principle is simple: To understand your business, to develop logical strategies, test meticulously, implement cleanly, and to optimize all the time. Nothing more and nothing less.

Today, you are the lead!

Now that you know how it works with leads, you won’t have to guess for too long about what we’d now like from you. Yes, that’s right, your email address. In return, you will have the chance to receive honest advice and a solid performance from your experienced online marketing agency. Now, isn’t that a good deal?

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