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Why you should invest in a Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

It has never been more essential to manage your data effectively and be compliant with GDPR. The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life. One of these impacts is on how businesses have had to adapt and undergo a digital transformation, with customer data having to be up-to-date, multi-channel and cross-device. Some larger […]

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How to pick the right video conferencing tool

Videokonference on a laptop

The tool selection topic is a delicate matter. With a good tool, your business will get a significant boost. However, if you pick the wrong tool, switching to another one can be expensive and nerve-wracking. Nowadays there is a suitable tool for every purpose and our founder and CEO Oliver Moser knows (experienced) them all. […]

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advalyze 2.0 – new branding for new goals

advalyze rebranding

2020 was without a doubt a year unlike any other – big challenges have become a part of daily life, but at the same time new opportunities for fundamental change and reorientation are opening up. We took the time to not only change our visual and digital presentation as a brand which in the future […]

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