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How to connect Google Merchant Center with Shopify

Connecting Shopify with Google Merchant Center

Before you start selling your products using Google Shopping, you first need to follow the steps to successfully connect your Shopify platform with your Google Ads account and the Google Merchant Center. While the process itself isn’t difficult, there are some hurdles that may (or may not) cause you a headache down the road if […]

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The leading data visualization tools in 2022


Data has always been a hot topic in digital marketing. The ability to tailor strategies and understand the customer journey in-depth, made it possible for brands to set up more accurate campaigns while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of their marketing. Since a big part of these possibilities is fueled by tools and technologies, we […]

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What it’s like to be a Marketing Engineer

MarTech Engineer

Many questions come up when I tell people that I am a Marketing Engineer (in the business, the slang is MarTech Engineer). MarTech is not a term that many are familiar with, and the question, “What is MarTech?” comes up a lot. So what does MarTech mean? What is MarTech? MarTech, or Marketing Technology, is […]

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How Youtube likes/dislikes ratio predicts voting behavior

Experiment update EN

Conclusions of our case study on Germany’s 2021 election As Germany woke up to a tight election outcome, we at advalyze rushed to see how Youtube engagement and likes/dislikes ratio of the three major candidates correlated with their parties’ official election results. A few weeks earlier, we had set up this experiment where we extracted […]

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How to pick the right digital marketing agency

Header Artikel neu 1

A company‘s guide through the contemporary online agency jungle A new digital strategy, a change in corporate direction, the development of an effective tech stack, the expansion of marketing channels– there are many reasons to join forces with an agency. But there are many agencies vying for your partnership. “The solution to all digital problems” […]

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Why you should invest in a Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platform

It has never been more essential to manage your data effectively and be compliant with GDPR. The outbreak of COVID-19 has impacted every aspect of life. One of these impacts is on how businesses have had to adapt and undergo a digital transformation, with customer data having to be up-to-date, multi-channel and cross-device. Some larger […]

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advalyze 2.0 – new branding for new goals

advalyze rebranding

2020 was without a doubt a year unlike any other – big challenges have become a part of daily life, but at the same time new opportunities for fundamental change and reorientation are opening up. We took the time to not only change our visual and digital presentation as a brand which in the future […]

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