Our SEO consultants improve your Google rankings sustainably

Reach your target group at every point of the customer journey with search engine optimization (SEO). This means fresh faces generating much more traffic on the website and who are potentially tomorrow’s new customers. Increase your sales sustainably by optimizing your brand’s online presence.

Search engine optimization – your benefits at a glance


Permanent rankings

Quality content won’t improve your rankings overnight, but it will improve them permanently. And it’s easier than playing the stock exchange: Then once you’ve invested well, you’ll benefit from it for a lifetime. 😎


More page traffic

Search engines such as Google and its rivals will rank your website near the top, so that you can be found faster by any search queries of relevance to your business.


More conversions

SEO optimization improves website quality and performance. Better sites also mean cheaper CPCs and, most importantly, more conversions.


A growing customer base

The greater the number of new visitors to your site that you register, the better your chances of winning new customers over to your products or services.

This is how professional SEO optimization works at advalyze

Technical data analysis and relevant content must go hand in hand if Search Engine Optimization is to work on your site over the long term. Our all-round approach combines the following services:

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Website SEO Check 

With an on-page SEO audit, we identify the possible obstacles that could prevent Google from crawling and indexing your website. A competitive analysis in the context of the organic search results gives us a picture of your market environment and your relative strength in it. We analyze your current content (if available) and give you individual tips on how to make it even more efficient.

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SEO consulting

Together, we’ll work out an overall content strategy that you can use to create your optimized content. We’ll show you exactly which topics and formats you can use to inspire your readers, and our Technical Troubleshooting Service will help you find the answers to all your urgent SEO questions.

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Content Marketing

Extensive keyword research marks the starting point for creating the content that your potential customers are looking for. As your own personal ‘sparring partner,’ we’ll accompany your editors in content creation, train them in our SEO copywriting workshops or take over the entire content creation process ourselves.

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SEO Monitoring

Our SEO monitoring process identifies problems early on and initiates the necessary troubleshooting. You can always keep an eye on the development of your search engine performance through regular KPI reports and ranking updates.

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We are your SEO agency – on an equal footing

We have a strict no-nonsense policy, which means that we don’t make promises we can’t keep, we communicate honestly and transparently and can only be successful if our customers are too. We don’t charge a monthly flat rate. We will charge you precisely for the time that has demonstrably gone into your project – no more and no less. We also appreciate close cooperation, share our office space, and want to create added value for you and your business.

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How SieMatic increased qualified lead conversion to over 10%

As a result of our digital project, SieMatic is now positioning itself as digital leader in the premium kitchen segment. By implementing a CRM with marketing automation and a digital marketing strategy, we build the bridge from first customer contact on to the qualified handover to a dealer up until the kitchen purchase. With the help of several contact modules on the website, the interest of potential customers is peaked, and leads are sustainably generated. Marketing automation qualify leads with an individual approach, the right content at the right time, up to potential customers, and digitally guides them in the best possible way to a specific showroom visit.

siematic project

The qualified leads are automatically fed into a sales pipeline that is accessible to every dealer. With the help of the digitally collected information and data points, significantly optimized sales processes can be carried out in the future. For the first time, every local dealer has a transparent and structured overview of the new and digitally pre-qualified leads and can systematically evaluate them in real time in order to generate appointments and eventually business faster and more efficiently.









Sales Conversion

As a premium kitchen manufacturer, SieMatic is now in a position to make its digital success measurable from first touchpoint to the sale of the kitchen until the sale is finally complete, and to significantly increase sales through continuous performance optimization. For the first time it is possible to give a quality assessment of the marketing channels on a cost-per-order level and to track them down to the last detail.

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International scaling with dedicated customer-journey-marketing.

Over the past few years, we have worked closely together with Ancestry to gradually develop the perfect digital marketing mix along the customer journey to scale throughout different European markets. Following our Lean Startup approach, we have tested Social Ads, SEA, SEO, Affiliate, Programmatic Ads as well as TV to build an ideal marketing mix for Germany as well as selected European countries. Focusing on data-driven optimization, we were not only able to set up high performing marketing channels and assets, but also to generate valuable insights on customer behavior.

ancestry project

By introducing Programmatic Ads during the Christmas season in 2019, we recorded a high impact on all relevant performance KPIs of the whole marketing mix. We found and implemented the right DSP through our MarTech tool-evaluation-process. The right tooling and campaign setup, data-driven customer journey messaging across the whole funnel and all the touchpoints led to overall success of the whole 7-digit net media budget activity.




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Cost per Order




Today, Ancestry is successfully scaling to become the market leader in online genealogy.

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    Tobias Zumbült

    Special areas of application

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    E-Commerce / Shopify SEO

    We bring potential customers who are interested in your products to your website

    icon website relaunch

    SEO support with website migrations

    Make your planned website migration a success. We’ll help you get it done.

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    International SEO

    Multilingual site? Shops in several different countries? Our multilingual team will advise you.

    Why SEO? Do I really need it?

    What use is the best product range or a first-class service if not enough people know about it? If you are not appearing in the hitlist for the key search queries, then you have an SEO problem!

    To illustrate this, here is a small self-test:

    Maybe you work for an airline selling flights worldwide, and you type “flights to” into Google along with five of your most-booked destinations.

    Or you work as a lawyer in a law firm in (say) Dallas and search for “lawyer in Dallas,” “lawyers in Texas” and “law firm Dallas.” Let’s assume that you specialize in divorce law, consequently, search queries such as “divorce lawyer in Dallas” and “law firm for divorces in Texas” would also suit you.

    But you may also run a shop that sells walking shoes and hiking boots. In this case, inquiries such as “women’s hiking boots”, “trekking shoes”, “hiking boots for long hiking routes”, or “waterproof walking shoes” and so on would certainly land up in the search bar.

    Give it a try, we’ll wait till you’ve had a go…

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    So where does your business appear in the list of search results?

    A) 2nd page and later — well, things really could be better.
    If your website only appears on the second or third page of search results, then a good SEO consultant can help you get to page one.
    And we know what that means: Much. More. Traffic.
    Because – let’s be honest – the second page of results is quite irrelevant to many searchers and is hardly ever looked at.
    As a professional SEO agency, we’ll help you to get found faster by potential customers and be noticed more by search engines, which will help you generate more page views and conversions.

    B) 1st page – congratulations! 🎉
    Google and the others will place your business directly as a hit on page one, so you’ll already have a pretty good position compared to the competition. Now it all comes down to the right placement: the higher, the better.
    Contents that are better targeted to the search queries and to your niche will ultimately be reflected in higher traffic. And that’s not the end of the matter: On the search results page, you will also have the chance to grab more attention – and so gain potential customers – with a featured snippet or an answer in the “People Also Ask” section, for example.


    With a detailed SEO audit we can rule out serious technical problems on your pages. Then we can set up a targeted content marketing strategy to ensure your SEO success.

    Content Marketing increases your traffic sustainably

    Companies often only think about SEO when it’s too late (or don’t even think about it at all.) The right SEO strategy and SEO-optimized content will pay off in the long term and do so sustainably. Even years later, a page that is well-written – both in terms of content and structure – will help to improve its ranking position steadily. To put it in simply: A content-optimized site will rank better in the second year than the first, and it will have grown even faster after three years. So, it pays to invest in good content! Barring major URL adjustments or unfortunate migrations along the way, you’ll be able to count on the traffic that your content brings in for years to come.

    And talking of migrations…

    Make your website migration SEO-compliant

    Website changes don’t necessarily have to mean losing your rankings. Especially if an SEO expert supervises the migration process. Otherwise, a loss in ranking is as good as certain…. As professional SEO consultants, we know how long it can take to win back important positions once they have fallen into the hands of competitors following an unfortunate migration.

    Of course, if necessary, your web agency can also take care of the matter. However, we are speaking from experience when we say that search engine optimization is not a priority for many web development agencies.

    Consequently, it is best to tackle the project with a good SEO consultant. Together, you’ll establish a sound strategy early on so that your rankings will remain safe.

    Shopify SEO agency wanted?

    Shopify is becoming increasingly popular among e-commerce operators. However, this CMS is not entirely free of problems when it comes to SEO. For example, many Shopify pages suffer from duplications and internal links to non-canonical pages. With Shopify, the process of avoiding individual pages being indexed by search engines (a standard search engine optimization procedure) is also relatively confusing. These and other peculiarities make the help of an SEO consultant essential. At advalyze, we can help you improve your Shopify website’s SEO performance.

    International SEO – how it works

    Do you want to make your brand internationally successfully and also set it up in a country‑specific way? The assignment and structuring of your domains plays an important role here. It does make a difference whether you spread your business over

    a single domain,

    multiple domains

    or multiple subdomains

    Will your content be translated into the respective languages? How do you avoid content duplicates on and, for example?

    Sound SEO consultation will be able to provide you with competent support in these and other questions on the subject of International SEO.

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    Are you now convinced and would you like honest and transparent SEO advice, at eye level? Then give us a call!

    SEO services from advalyze

    We do not provide a one-size-fits-all SEO service that we offer to all customers equally. Instead, the focus is on our customers’ different needs; we tailor our service to meet these precisely. This way, our following service catalog offers exactly what you as a customer really need.


    SEO check

    For most projects, a technical SEO audit is usually the starting point. We’ll examine whether Google and other search engines can easily crawl your website, whether all the pages that are of importance to you are in the Google index, and whether new ones can be easily and quickly indexed. We will also check if a long load time or poor user-friendliness is negatively impacting your search engine performance, and whether Google can rank your content correctly. It often turns out that the problem is due to missing or poor content, rather than any technical obstacles.


    Competitive analysis

    How does your website perform compared to the competition? We’ll take a look at the most relevant search queries for you and analyze where you appear in the search results, as well as which places the competition achieves, and what exactly are the reasons for this (what are they doing better?). From this, we learn the first important lessons that you can implement directly.


    SEO support with website migrations

    To put it bluntly, a migration without professional SEO support is doomed to fail. Been there, seen that. The most important thing is that all the pages from the old website that had good backlinks, traffic, and rankings will be redirected to new URLs should the URL change in the context of the migration (which is usually unavoidable). The new URL needs to be relevant in every case. It is no use if all the old pages are redirected to the new homepage. Because the homepage is not the right address for, let’s say, apple peelers. The old “apple peeler” URL must therefore be redirected to the new “apple peeler” URL, as must all the thousands (or even tens of thousands) of URLs on your site. It sounds like a never-ending task. And it is. But: We would be happy to take the task off your hands. 😉

    Moreover, it needs to be ensured that the new infrastructure is SEO-compliant. To this end, the stage server must be checked in good time by an SEO consultant.


    SEO troubleshooting

    A sudden collapse in traffic, a warning message from the search console or a landing page that has not been indexed for weeks on end. These are all situations that can quickly become unsettling and which usually call for a professional opinion. This is the only way to give a sure “all-clear” or to initiate the necessary steps. We will be happy to take over troubleshooting for you and are ready to assist you, as a ‘sparring partner’, with all your questions about SEO.


    SEO content audit

    Before the new content creation goes into production, you would be well-advised to take a close look at the content that is already there. “Did what we have really help? Are the right keywords being used rationally? Are blog features about our CEO’s latest award or about our new location in South America attracting genuine quality traffic?”

    We’ll examine your website’s contents in detail so that we can then act and make recommendations on how you can adjust, dump, or perhaps even recycle the old content.


    Content Marketing strategy

    Which search terms should you enter for your website to be found? What content do you use to attract the right visitors and potential customers to your website? Which topics should you write about? How do you address potential customers at the different stages of the funnel? How do you adapt the content to the search intent? Which formats can you use? And just how does this all fit in with your current marketing or social media strategy? We will draw up a comprehensive content strategy for and with you, based on your own input. Here the keyword research is of great importance. This is essential so that you can start creating content as quickly as possible.


    SEO content creation

    Content strategy is the be-all and end-all when it comes to creating relevant content for your website. It will ensure you get the traffic you need, for example from Google users who are interested in your products and who buy from you. With our large network of freelance copywriters, we can create text for your blog posts, product pages, category pages or individual landing pages in six different languages based on detailed SEO briefings. We can even perform the tasks of designing page layout or uploading text to your CMS for you.


    SEO support for your own content creation

    Many copy editors first have to expand their own mindset before they can write SEO texts. Literary and sometimes super-creative headlines may make for nice reading, but they confuse search engines unnecessarily. This means that a very specific style is needed that takes some practice to achieve. That’s why, we would be happy to support your own editorial team in creating SEO-compliant content. We guarantee to charge you only for the time that we actually invest.


    SEO workshops for copywriters

    Copywriters with less SEO experience often need a brief and fundamental course on the invested basics of SEO before they can plan and write really good SEO copy. During our two-hour workshops, we give them all the instruments they need to pay attention to the crucial aspects.


    SEO advice on specific problems

    Do you need a plan for the internal linking of your website? Or to implement structured data? Maybe you need to adjust the navigation and would like to do everything right with the new one. Or you would like to check whether your keyword targeting really makes sense? Do you have multiple pages for each product? Does Google perceive any of your pages as duplication? We will advise you on every question connected with SEO.


    SEO monitoring

    We will keep a close eye on your website with a limited amount of effort. Everyday work on the website by different employees can inadvertently generate duplications, create blank pages, or cause the number of “404 errors” to grow and grow. That’s why we run an automated on-page analysis every week to quickly identify and respond to such technical (and unavoidable) issues. This lets us ensure constant page hygiene, so saving you a great deal of hassle and unpleasant surprises.


    SEO reporting

    We will create an online SEO report for you in Google Data Studio, which you can then use to track how your website’s SEO performance is developing at any time. Of course, if you wish, we can also use Google Slides to create monthly reports that make it clear that investing in SEO is worthwhile.

    What do you need to know before you engage an SEO agency?

    We do not have a one-size-fits-all SEO offer that we present to all customers equally. Instead, we focus on the different needs of our customers, to which our offer is precisely tailored. Our service catalog therefore offers exactly what you as a customer really need.


    SEO takes time

    You may be familiar with this situation from your experience with Google Ads: You set up an ad and the next morning you can see the traffic that you paid for. Unfortunately, SEO doesn’t work like that. Before you hire an SEO agency or an SEO consultant, you should definitely be aware that SEO takes time! It will take at least six months until the results can be seen. This is because the content first has to be created and then Google must crawl and index it.


    SEO needs volume

    A few SEO landing pages won’t do you any good if the rest of your site has “thin” content. Google looks at the entire site, so it won’t help if 1% of your pages are excellent and the rest aren’t. The whole website has to be good (from an SEO point of view). Even relatively small websites, such as startup pages with roughly 10 URLs, have a tough time with Google. You really have to reach a certain critical mass before Google gives you preferential treatment and you can start reaping the benefits. Here, the interplay between quality and quantity is decisive.


    No content, no SEO

    Your products can be bestsellers and your business plan may be breathtaking. But the hard fact is: Google only cares if you really are an expert in your field. And your content has to show and prove that. Do you sell gearshifts for cars? Then collect all the information available on gearshifts and put it on your page. That way, you are showing Google that you are the expert par excellence in this field. After all, if your business is the go-to destination for gearshifts with an appropriate product range and an informative transfer of knowledge, then Google will definitely reward you for it.


    Even the best strategy is useless without implementation

    Implementation is known to be the biggest difficulty in SEO; we deal with this problem every day. That’s why, your motto with SEO should be to stay on the ball at all times and not let the project drift into the background. After all, the best content strategy isn’t going to work until it’s actually been implemented. Even the technical audit will fail to yield any results if SEO isn’t a priority for your developers. It will take a few months before the SEO measures can begin performing. Yet it will take an eternity if these measures are only implemented slowly or not at all. So, think about when it will be a good time for you to get an SEO agency on board so that you really will have the capacity to put the measures into practice. Otherwise, you’ll just be throwing your money away. 💸

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    Are you ready to get started with SEO now? Then give us a call!