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With the right growth strategy, we combine marketing with technology in order to increase our clients added value along the entire digital funnel.


Growth Marketing

With growth marketing, we bring your marketing to the digital leader level. The right communication on all relevant touchpoints of your customer journey, helps you to scale and sustainably increase your sales. We optimize your entire marketing funnel in a data-driven manner: from the first digital contact with potential customers to lead generation up to conversion and retention.


Growth Strategy

We are your internet entrepreneur for rent. With the right growth mindset, we understand brand and performance. We combine digital brand management with digital marketing and know your economic as well as technical challenges. Together we will develop your individual growth strategy.

Customer Journey Marketing

The right message, right time, right place. From performance to content marketing to TV, we design an integral and optimized customer experience from the first touchpoint to conversion. With high-quality traffic, we create relevant insights and increase the growth of your company.

Funnel Optimization

With our lean startup method, we analyze your sales funnel from qualified lead up to conversion. We identify all relevant steps along your B2B or B2C sales funnel to continuously optimize it and significantly increase your conversion rate based on data.



Only the right marketing tech stack enables data driven customer journey communication. We support you here with the selection and implementation of relevant tools and therefore make your data usable for you. We don't rely on in-house developments, but connect existing systems via middleware and APIs. This is a faster and significantly more affordable alternative. Lean startup!


Your Marketing Tools

DSP, DMP, CDP and CRM are not a stanza from the song "MFG" from the Fantastic Four, but technology from marketing tech stacks that we have already set up. We'll help you build your marketing tech stack. We are not “in love with tools”, but always start from your use cases and develop requirements for an optimal solution together. Only then do we evaluate the tools with which you can achieve your goals lean and cost-effectively.

Use Your Data

So that we can rely on our data-driven decisions, we are experts in GDPR compliant web & app tracking, reporting of current KPIs and ad hoc analyses. However, it is much more effective to actively use the data for marketing. Smart remarketing audiences, sales driving CRM segmentation and data-driven personalization make the difference in your marketing.

Marketing Development

We are passionate about developing conversion-optimized landing pages as well as communicative chatbots and we love configuring marketing automation flows. We connect various marketing tools via API connections so that the data can flow between systems. And sometimes we just make a WordPress site.

Some of our clients:

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Marketing Automation

How SieMatic increased qualified lead conversion to over 10%

As a result of our digital project, SieMatic is now positioning itself as digital leader in the premium kitchen segment. By implementing a CRM with marketing automation and a digital marketing strategy, we build the bridge from first customer contact on to the qualified handover to a dealer up until the kitchen purchase. With the help of several contact modules on the website, the interest of potential customers is peaked, and leads are sustainably generated. Marketing automation qualify leads with an individual approach, the right content at the right time, up to potential customers, and digitally guides them in the best possible way to a specific showroom visit.


The qualified leads are automatically fed into a sales pipeline that is accessible to every dealer. With the help of the digitally collected information and data points, significantly optimized sales processes can be carried out in the future. For the first time, every local dealer has a transparent and structured overview of the new and digitally pre-qualified leads and can systematically evaluate them in real time in order to generate appointments and eventually business faster and more efficiently.






Sales Conversion

As a premium kitchen manufacturer, SieMatic is now in a position to make its digital success measurable from first touchpoint to the sale of the kitchen until the sale is finally complete, and to significantly increase sales through continuous performance optimization. For the first time it is possible to give a quality assessment of the marketing channels on a cost-per-order level and to track them down to the last detail.


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International scaling with dedicated customer-journey-marketing.

Over the past few years, we have worked closely together with Ancestry to gradually develop the perfect digital marketing mix along the customer journey to scale throughout different European markets. Following our Lean Startup approach, we have tested Social Ads, SEA, SEO, Affiliate, Programmatic Ads as well as TV to build an ideal marketing mix for Germany as well as selected European countries. Focusing on data-driven optimization, we were not only able to set up high performing marketing channels and assets, but also to generate valuable insights on customer behavior.

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By introducing Programmatic Ads during the Christmas season in 2019, we recorded a high impact on all relevant performance KPIs of the whole marketing mix. We found and implemented the right DSP through our MarTech tool-evaluation-process. The right tooling and campaign setup, data-driven customer journey messaging across the whole funnel and all the touchpoints led to overall success of the whole 7-digit net media budget activity.



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Cost per Order



Today, Ancestry is successfully scaling to become the market leader in online genealogy.

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Why advalyze?


We don’t have a standard template.

We work in iterative steps, data-driven and user-centered. This means that our solutions are both pragmatic and individual.


Equal players, equal footing

We see ourselves as part of our clients' team - as long as we deliver added value. Creating necessary trust is an important part of our work.


No Bullshit!

advalyze stands for accurate, high-quality work with impact. Transparency and honest communication are absolute key to us because we believe in karma.

»With passion, expertise and the best support, advalyze has been with us throughout our entire digitization process …

… and helps us in creating extensive measures to reach future customers using all current and digital contact points. We really appreciate the knowledge transfer within the company. Thank you for the many years of partnership and cooperation!«

Christian Hansen von SieMatic

Christian Hansen, CMO SieMatic

Over 25 experts on hand for your digital success.

We always see ourselves as part of our clients' team and together we can go the extra mile. With drive and passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and digital marketing, together we will reach the next digital level for your projects.
Oliver Moser, Advalyze CEO & Tobias Zumbült, Advalyze CMO
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"With the customer we see ourselves as part of the team and focus on transparency and continuous knowledge transfer."

Jan Quast, Senior Consultant

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"At Advalyze, origin, age & gender play no role - what really counts are skills and personality."

Laura Raimondi, Assistance of the management


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