What does a Growth Manager actually do in a marketing agency?


The Growth Manager, aka Growth Marketing Consultant, is a central figure in most digital agencies and takes care of – as the name suggests – the sustainable growth of clients and their business models. But: what do they actually do and how does their workload look like behind the scenes? So, we asked our colleague Jan Steg who is a Growth Marketing Consultant at advalyze, to give us a detailed insight into his job.

What is the job of a Growth Manager at advalyze?

The Growth Manager is the main contact person at the agency and the face for client contact. They are the interface between the internal team and the client’s employees and he or she always keeps the bigger picture, (all processes, goals and deadlines) in view. Needless to say, they are not an island and don’t do everything alone. Although a Growth Manager has skills in many areas, they still lack the necessary depth. Therefore, they develop a strategy together with the client and is at their beck and call when it comes to discussing problems or challenges. At the same time, he/she also coordinates resources internally, develops the roadmap and is an organizer, so to speak, who helps those involved carry out their work. For example, if problems in the team or project occur, the Growth Manager is the first point of contact.

“The cheapest leads will most likely become the most expensive later on.”

Success through an entrepreneurial perspective

The Growth Manager also always brings an entrepreneurial perspective to the table. This means that it is very important to look at the interrelationships and not just concentrate on one funnel step, such as lead generation. Because: The cheapest leads will most likely become the most expensive later on. Even if they convert well on the surface, that doesn’t mean that these leads will also work over a long period of time and be sustainable. An extreme example: a car dealer places a cheap ad for “free beer” on their website. Most likely the site will get a lot of new visitors, but whether or not they’ll actually buy a car is another question in itself. The car dealer would be better off with a strategy that addresses their target group at exactly the right time, in the right place, with the right content, so that there is constant conversion. The goal is to look at the entire funnel – the entire sales process – and coordinate the available means and goals the best way possible. The Growth Manager works holistically and brings an entrepreneurial perspective into the mix for the client and any issues that might occur.

How do you become a Growth Manager?

  • It is always an advantage if you have an Economics degree, but even more important is to bring some marketing, sales, or entrepreneurial background with you.
  • You should be open to the prospect of constantly dedicating yourself to new topics and issues, especially when working with frameworks.
  • In general, you also need a deep interest and understanding of different business models.

Multifaceted work & flexibility

Especially if you work in an agency like advalyze, your daily work tends to vary quite a lot – today I’m working with a robot startup, tomorrow with a medium-sized company that sells kitchens, etc. That means you need a high degree of flexibility. It’s important that you’re up to the task of taking on challenges because you will surely run into an issue on a daily basis. If you then have the wrong attitude and think “Oh no, not another problem again”, then this is probably not the right job. Instead, you should bring a solution-oriented way of thinking.

Always in contact with people

You have to enjoy working with other people. The Growth Manager position requires an active exchange with the client. On one hand, you have to engage with different personalities and on the other hand you have to be able to express your opinion and convince others of your own point of view.

Growth Manager: These skills are a must

  • Dealing with people: A Growth Manager must definitely be a communicative person who is good at dealing with people, someone who does not shy away from contact and who meets them eye-to-eye.
  • Constructive communication: If something is not going well, you have to be able to communicate professionally and constructively with those responsible. You should always be able to separate the problem from the person – that is very important to me.
  • Solution-oriented thinking: You should be ready to take on challenges and never give up, but always see them as an opportunity.
  • Project management skills: You should be able to thoroughly deal with project management, for example with questions like: how do I coordinate what, and how do I maintain an overview?
  • Reliability: Last but not least you have to be reliable because you are the face of the company for the client.

Work with us!

What did you learn in your first year as a Growth Manager at advalyze?

Confidence in the form of how to talk to people, how you appear self-assured and above all, how you present yourself. A big part of the work is presenting your ideas in an understandable way and if necessary, defending them. Today I know exactly how to constructively conduct discussions on a level playing field and always remain transparent both internally and with the client. These were important lessons for me. Of course, I also learned a lot content-wise in the field of marketing.

“What the client wants is not always what they really need.”

How does a Growth Manager plan a new project?

First, the client approaches us as an agency and we try to understand the situation. We see whether we can support them with the services we offer, or whether or not they need something entirely different. What the client wants is not always what they really need. At advalyze our approach is that the client gets exactly what they need so that their business model will have long-term success.

Workshop with the client

When that is clarified, we then go to a joint workshop and work on the individual details. Based on the results, we then develop a sort of strategic battle plan to see whether this results in a future cooperation. The client is therefore free to implement this strategic plan either on their own or with our expertise, or even with another company – in the end, we respect whatever choice the client makes.

First goal: low hanging fruits

If both parties agree and the client says, “Yes, I look forward to a cooperation with advalyze”, then we try to implement the low hanging fruits, or the tasks that tend to be simple and have the biggest potential. We proceed in iterative steps – that means testing, testing, testing. We implement all of the hypotheses that we have set up in advance in a user-centered way by specifically looking at how the user reacts. The right communication, at the right time, in the right place is always the top priority.

Track and measure target achievement

Our work can be measured by whether we have actually achieved our initial goals. For example, if the focus is on lead generation, a possible goal can be the generation of 1,000 leads for a specific CPL. But it can also be about setting up marketing automation or achieving a fixed quota of sales-qualified leads.

Success indicator – becoming superfluous as an agency

The goal is always to make ourselves superfluous when it comes to the client’s company, because only then are both sides successful. We are “Internet entrepreneurs for rent” so to speak, and it’s estimated that the typical collaborations with clients last about a year. Some however are on a permanent basis, so the focus is on long-term matters. After a year you have generally implemented the initial objective. However often times new issues are brought to light that can be tackled at a later point in time.

Close cooperation with the client

The client’s employees always play a major role. For example, if we implement CRM, then the client’s employees are ultimately the key users and not advalyze. We don’t just sell a product; we work with the client for the client and that is why contact with the responsible employees is also a core part of our work.

What do you look forward to doing the most as a Growth Manager?

I find it particularly exciting getting to know different types of companies, from startups to medium-sized companies to corporations as well as a wide variety of industries. This is always interesting with regard to the underlying business models. At the same time, you also get to know an incredible amount of people and can build up a network. Other than that, I really enjoy improving my soft skills, e.g. how I present myself or how I can get others excited about my ideas so that they will support them. It’s a demanding yet very interesting job. And it’s also exciting to see that the agreements you made with the clients are implemented, everything works out and the client is happy – that is without a doubt one of the best moments in my job.

Now that’s a good way to end the interview. Thanks Jan!

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