Higher sales thanks to
growth marketing

Your brand attracts lots of followers and your product is really in demand.  But your sales could be even better.  Now advalyze helps you activate digital growth for your business: with rapid and long-lasting effects.

Together, we’ll boost your online sales.

Every industry has its own rhythm and each business model has its own specific dynamics.  Regardless of whether B2B, B2C or D2C, from digital offers to ticketing and to cloud services: We recognize digital sales potential and jointly exploit it.

Developing strategies digitally

A good digital marketing strategy doesn’t end with a visit to your website or app.  And it certainly doesn’t even start there.  We’ll take a comprehensive look at your customer journey, identify the relevant touchpoints and find out together where, how, and when your target groups interact with your brand.

Attracting new customers

If you want to win new customers online, you’ll need to master the entire range of brand, performance and content marketing, or either know a few people who will create the right framework for SEA, SEO, social ads, programmatic advertising or TV.  We’ll be happy to help you and give you some fair advice.

Regaining valuable customers

The best customers are often those you already have.  Or had.  With the right marketing automation concepts, we can launch a retention marketing strategy for you that is ready to use.  And get everything up and running on time – from setting up the email service provider to the color of the CTA.

Using data intelligently

Three things make all the difference in online sales and e-commerce. These are: Data.  Data.  And data.  We’ll carry out a tracking audit for you, set up your tracking with Google Analytics 4 and Google Tag Manager, while also arranging cloud-based reporting with Databox, Google Data Studio or PowerBI. That’s the way to gain important insights.

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“Open an online shop and the stuff will simply sell itself”

Isn’t that what they say?  What a laugh.  But it’s no fun if the sales don’t add up in the end.  We’d rather be perfectly honest: running e-commerce optimally is still a lot of hard work.  Fortunately, you don’t have to be a star of online marketing to succeed in using common e‑commerce platforms and online shop solutions like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento or Shopware. Because with the right partner at your side, it won’t be the alarm bells that ring in the end but rather your cash register.  Let’s make more of your funnel together!

These customers have really boosted their marketing.

Different industries and challenges but one promise: “Higher sales thanks to data-based marketing consulting!” Moreover, we have achieved this goal with these customers.

That sounds like conversions: your route to more sales.

Of course, every project is different.  But they’ve all got one thing in common: They are run in a structured, comprehensible, and result-oriented manner. At least, if you approach them with advalyze.

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We analyze and understand your business model

We will ask you a lot of questions at the start. That’s because we would like to know everything about your business. Its target groups, markets, unit economics, products, services, and everything else.

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We’ll develop your go-to-market strategy

Next, we start analyzing the competition, search volume, opportunities and risks in detail.  This way, we’ll find the right channel strategy, carry out an initial acquisition cost calculation and propose a budget.  We’ll crack and test your brand’s value proposition with our own nut cracking framework.  And we’ll develop the ideal marketing funnel.

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We’ll organize your digital marketing setup

Based on the results of our analysis and the right content strategy, we’ll set up accounts and campaigns, we’ll research keywords and target groups, prepare the reporting, polish up the marketing pixels and remove the crumbs from the cookie banner. Then, after all, everything needs to be perfect for a successful campaign.

We’ll launch and optimize your marketing campaigns

3, 2, 1 — we’re going live!  It’s a great moment when your campaign launches on all the chosen channels, with a consistent content strategy and defined goals.  Through continuous measurement and optimization, we are constantly looking for an even better performance for the duration of the campaign. And we’ll carry out regular updates of the assets and media.

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How much marketing agency
do you want?

Just choose your favorite song – or even the entire band: You decide how much advalyze you want to use to strengthen your marketing projects.

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Your remote marketing team

Concentrated channel expertise at the price of an all-rounder: Use advalyze as your marketing team – including a marketing specialist and, if you would like, with a growth consultant.

Long-term sparring partners for your marketing strategy (paid and organic)

Media planning and booking

Complete campaign management

Unlimited content creation, management and testing, and copywriting


Your ad hoc campaign

Do you know exactly what you want and need our support for a targeted campaign? Then, feel free to make use of our expertise for a one-off project.

Media planning and booking

Manual reporting

Limited content creation

Is advalyze the right marketing consultant for you?

There are many good reasons to work with us.  Twenty-five of them are employed in our Berlin office, for instance.  But maybe our principles will also convince you.

Unimagined possibilities?
We’ll test them for you!

We are always looking for new methods, techniques, approaches, frameworks and ideas for digital marketing.  We like to test unusual approaches before others do.  But we’ll only suggest them to you if they really show potential.

Can’t be measured?
Then we won't do it

Our campaigns are trackable, measurable and fully transparent so that you can comprehend the customer journey from the beginning of the funnel until well after the conversion.  If a marketing measure cannot do this, we’ll immediately drop it.

Media buying?
We do an honest job!

Some people see media buying as a way to make huge profits.  We guarantee to spend 100 percent of your media budget on media.  It’s actually very logical, isn’t it?  We still have a good sense of the optimal placement and of the right platform and bid.

Your data?
It’s all yours, 100%!

Your channels and campaigns generate a lot of data about your company and your target groups.  That’s why it will also belong to you – in full – after the campaign, even if our paths should briefly separate.

Our greatest hit?
No bullshit!

We go out of our way to avoid any dubious marketing ploys.  That’s because we believe in karma.  At advalyze, our digital handwork is accurate, based on transparency, openness, experience, clean processes and intelligent monitoring tools.

Boost your sales:
Your marketing agency is ready!

You would like to increase your digital turnover and take your business to the next level?  We can’t wait to see what you’re planning.  We’d love to take part with you.

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