Automated marketing,
thanks to smart tools

You think that your marketing is running smoothly? Then ask your team if that’s the case. And contemplate a workflow that generates top-funnel leads, feeds them automatically, and presents them to your sales team on a qualified silver platter.

This is why you should automate marketing and sales.

Increase relevance

Always communicate with your target group along the entire customer journey – relevant at all times

Reduce costs

Play out data-driven ads, retargeting or retention messages accurately - without any wastage

Conserve resources

Reduce the load on your sales team, who only work hot leads – and take the next AI-powered step

Make your marketing a sure-fire success with us.

Think about your marketing and sales processes: Do you see a sluggish, steam engine? Then dare to leap in time to automated marketing and sales tools! We’ll update your funnel, speed up your lead management and help you to transform processes. We can start today if you want.

Marketing automation: autopilot for the customer journey

Communication along your customer journey is packed with potential for automation. We look at the entire funnel and navigate contacts from channels such as emails, text messages, letter post, or retargeting purposefully into smart engagement tools. This creates workflows that leave only one question unanswered: Why didn’t we do that right at the start?

Sales automation: the navigation system for your leads

From Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), we get Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) as if by magic: Your sales team can work with excellent contacts – enriched with valuable data and integrated into smart templates and drafts. Your sales processes will be faster than ever, thanks to supportive communication throughout the pipeline. And they’ll simply be more fun.

Your smart tools for marketing and sales

If you develop really good marketing and sales automation tools, you will have to concentrate on them. Since we only have your business in mind, we leave the development to others. We will select tools and apps for you that really fit in your workflow. We’ll evaluate the features thoroughly, ensure integration into existing systems, and train your team.

Advalyze Office

Where marketing and sales automation pays off

Automated marketing and sales workflows have not been created for a specific industry, product, or type of company. Instead, they’ve been made for everyone who is ready for greater speed in business: in e-commerce, in the B2B and B2C sectors, as well as in retention marketing and wherever leads are the hard currency.

Success is inevitable: your path to automated marketing and sales processes.

Marketing and sales automation does not have to not appeal to machines but to people who are interested in what you have to offer. That’s why – long before any tool or algorithm comes into play – we depend on something that no AI in the world can replace: humanoid gray cells.

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We conduct an audit of your situation

How does your business work, how do you generate leads and how is the handover to the sales team going? We’ll analyze your customer journey one step at a time. And we’ll discover which bottlenecks are restricting your options.

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We explore unused potentials

What is blocking your funnel and where are potentials trapped? Does your tracking run smoothly, and how are the existing lead and deal modules meshing together? How does the process lead from MQL to SQL and to sales? We’ll look into the details and work out some initial proposals.

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We’ll test the possibilities

What happens if we intervene in the customer journey at a specific depth? How does the target group behave and what effect does it have over time? We’ll subject our initial hypotheses and approaches to a hard reality check to gain further insights.

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We’ll create your marketing automation concept

After we’ve thoroughly examined your business and scrutinized our own ideas, we’ll draw up a marketing automation canvas with defined use cases – a comprehensible concept with a clear roadmap and realistic goals.

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We’ll select the best MarTech tools

The right tools stem from the coordinated strategy – and not the other way around. That’s why it’s only at this point that we will select the right apps and services to get your marketing and sales automation up and running.

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We’ll set up your automation framework

Now we can set up the tools, design the setup according to your requirements, and ensure integration with your own CRM software and other applications. Start harnessing the power of automated marketing and sales processes now!

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Is advalyze the right marketing automation agency for you?

If you want to systematically automate marketing and sales then don’t work with bots but with experienced people who will also give you refreshingly honest advice. That’s how we’ll work with you.

MarTech tools? We don’t know every single one of them, but we do know the best ones inside and out!

There are thousands of tools, apps, plugins and APIs for marketing and sales automation. There are certainly also a few that we’ve never even heard of. We’d prefer to rely on tried and tested solutions that work reliably and that comply with data protection regulations, and which we could run underwater and at night while doing a hand-stand at the same time!

Business? We know how you can sell things really well online!

You can find some really good MarTech professionals out there, unrivaled when it comes to marketing technology. However, a deep understanding of your business is just as important. With advalyze, you can rely on the balance of nerdiness and sales euphoria being right.

Marketing? We’ll bring content to your target group in a creative way!

Automated marketing and sales processes alone won’t be enough to sell your product just yet because you’ll also need to reach the target group with your messages. We’ll create enthusiasm for your brand and product through customer-centric, integrated online marketing campaigns and content concepts.

Automate your marketing? Just call us. The rest will run by itself.

Every success story begins modestly, starting with just a few lines. So, we’re looking forward to yours: Tell us what you have in mind – and we’ll discuss the potential that we can see from automating your marketing and sales processes.

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